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Monday, December 7, 2009

Cerridwen Still Making Progress

The last few days I have just about finished blocking in a cutting down Cerridwen's muscles.  I am dying to start adding details of course but I'm not there yet.  Still some tweaking but I am so happy with her so far.

I also wanted to give everyone a good idea of what size she is.  As you know from the original photos, she fits her little Breyer girl perfectly.  I was trying to think of the best horse I had around that nearly everyone has seen in person.  So I grabbed this Matriarch.  I place her next to Cerridwen so you can see she's a great sized riding pony, just over 13hh if she were in the real world.  Here is one of those comparison pics...

This photo doesn't show the length comparison well since I took it at a slight angle.  If you match up Matriarch's rear to Cerridwen's, the front of Cerridwen's chest comes to the back of Matriarch's shoulder (or behind her front leg).

Here's one a little more level...

And some more of Cerridwen...

So still a ways to go but this is a big difference in just a couple days.  She will have some wire poking out since the armature was really too big for her.  I cut out as much as I could but I think I'll just sand down the little pieces rather than dig into her again.

And btw, I got your emails about her mane.  So far we're close on the choices still with the short pulled mane is in the lead.  Now I do plan on doing an official poll just before Christmas.  No matter how she ends up, I'll still make 10 totally customized artist choice pieces to sell. 

I had a couple people ask about prices.  It's not set in stone yet but I plan on have her priced at $165.00 US ppd for the pre-orders and $195.00 ppd US for her regular one.  She will be a one mold run.

As for now I'll be finishing up painted pieces this week.  My daughter's bought me a plan ticket so I can visit them in Florida for Christmas.  I'll be working this week but somewhat unavailable from this coming Saturday the 12th till the 20th.  I hope my roommate can handle all the pets, lol!

Till next time...

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Updates on Cerridwen!

Since I wanted to take you through all the crazy stages of sculpting, I did some more update or progress photos (I should call it slow progress, lol) on Cerridwen.  She's the riding pony I am working on.  She is still very RAW to say the least.  I changed a few things from my original idea.  I probably will continue to tweek her till I get what I want.

I really want her to surpass Sundance in detail and feel.  I have over 40 photos of similar Welsh ponies, mainly older mares.  I was surprised to find how many of these photos were taken where people are holding a treat for the pony to stretch out and get.  The halter photos are the same.  Stretch out the neck pose.  So my concept was assisted by tons of references.  Yeah!

Most of her is still roughly blocked in.  I wait until I have all measurements correct before I start adding any detail.  Until I get it I won't start adding the find muscles or really working on the head.  Now that Levi is back I will be able to take her to the barn and use on of his boarder's ponies to get the 3-D details I need.  That's how I did the final cutting and blocking of Sundance.  There is nothing like a real horse as a model.

Here's the story behind Cerridwen.  She's actually going to be a bronze.  The little girl Breyer you saw standing in front of her will be the idea behind the bronze.  The pony will have a bridle on with a blue ribbon.  One version will be English and one Western.  So the child will have her show duds on (yes I am sculpting the girl from scratch of course) and giving her champion pony a kiss on the nose.  She will have to lean forward to do this.  The Western girl will have her hat on her back with a string around her neck holding it as she leans forward (the hat was in the way).  She will be holding a big carrot behind her back with both hands.  The English child will have a braided mane and tail pony with her English duds on, including the helmet.  She also will have her hands behind her back with a carrot.

That hind toe will be totally pointed.  I can't do that right now since the leg gets squished when I push down on the clay.

The bronze pieces will be displayed for sale in Victor Issa's studio in Estes Park and my web site.  My idol of all living sculptors has given me a kick in the bootie to do this and called me on my excuses.  So the honor is huge thus the creation of this piece.

Since I like how she was going, I decided to do a resin for the hobby as well.  It will just be the pony of course by herself.  I have been going back and forth on the mane.  Jennifer Buxton says a braided mane but I have a lot of Western people that want a pulled mane saying they can get away with both English and Western events without having to customize the horse.  Most of these horses in Europe are shown with a long full mane.  So I'll be doing a poll on my Yahoo Group.

Haven't finished blocking in this side yet.  Yes Jen the stifle will be behind the other, lol!

Feel free to throw in suggestions.  You won't offend me.  She's really rough at this point and I know what I need to work on but opinions always matter!  I measured her neck head and body a million times.  They are correct.  Most these ponies have long necks and the pose she's in accentuates it.  If it still doesn't translate well to the model (we hobby people have grown accustomed to short necks and backs) I'll shorten her neck.

So that's it for now.  Good thing is she is very much a traditional riding pony made to fit the Breyer doll perfectly.  Great size!  I'll post some more photos of her next to some well known models so you can see her scale even better.  I was careful with this since Sundance ended up being a large traditional.


I am so excited.  Dakota had her puppies.  Now she's Levi's dog.  He's a trainer at the barn I keep Sundance and Chevy at.  She had the babies over Thanksgiving and of course the day he was leaving for Ohio.  So I got to mom and baby sit.  Here are a few photos of the little rascals...

Here they are at 2 days old

Here they are at one week...

Dakota had 7 but a really hard birth early into it from what I was told.  Once the stuck puppy came out it was stillborn then he lost the other 3 more born right after within a couple hours.  I think they came too fast and she needed help.  Nobody was at the ranch at that time.  The next morning two more died so she ended up with 2.  I got them the next day.  The little black one wasn't doing too great either.  So I went in every 1/2 hour and rubbed her (both are girls).  The stimulation helped a lot. 

Mom was also having a lot of trouble and I wanted to take her to the vet.  But I couldn't get hold of the owner since he was traveling from Colorado to Ohio.  I gave her a lot of supportive care, good food, a pro biotic and assisted her the first two days around the clock.  So mom and the two remaining girls thrived.  She's a ranch dog and they don't get much pampering. 

This is her second litter.  3/4 heeler and 1/4 Australian Shephard.  Last litter the alpha female at the ranch didn't approve of a lower ranking female breeding with her male so she killed 4 of her 6 puppies.  There were only two suvivors from the last litter, also and both females.  So being worried this time around (and winter to boot) I offered to at least watch them while he was gone.  He assured me they would be inside now and he would make sure the other dog couldn't get these.

The look on her face is priceless!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Sculpture

I have some sneaky peeky photos of Cerridwen (KARE-id-win). She's the current scultpure I am working on. Cerridwen is a Section B Welsh Pony mare. She's inspired by a pony at the barn the kids were hand feeding. She's made to fit the Breyer traditional child rider doll which you can see in the photos. This is my first week of work on her so I'll be giving lots of updates as she gets further along. She's still very raw but this will give you an idea where I am going. So far I just love her and I'm having a blast working on her.Release date should be around the first or second week of November. I'll be doing the pre-orders like Sundance with one big exception. She will be in production really fast since I have it worked out now!

Stay tuned for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well I am finally back in the groove after being one of the lucky guest judges at R4R Champs in South Dakota. Big SHOUT OUT to Hilary and Brian. You guys simply rock, have the world's cutest dogs and most entertaining cats! You guys were great hosts and I can't wait till next time. Keep time open for the stock show where we can yell WiTiFiFi at everyone!

I ended up coming home with a great bit of raffle prices including a wonderful handmade tack chest donated by Carol Johnson and made by Brian. Another prize is an English saddle set donated by Emily McFadden and some nice Poney Pads! And the two mini Scarletts really cleaned up. Yeah!

On the Sundance Kid sculpture update, I have put the last coat of primer on my Artist Proof so he's going to dry a day or two then off to Stacey for production. I will take lots of photos of him in resin for you guys before he ships. Those who have pre orders will be getting horses soon so hang in there!

On a very personal note, many of you know me pretty well and have been in the loop for some time. As you know a year and a half ago I nearly lost my youngest daughter Heather to a car accident. She made it and is finishing school now back in her home state of Florida. That accident lead to a series of events that pretty much meant financial ruin. I am still dealing with the final effects of bankruptcy and starting over from scratch. I lost my accounting job and my signif. other (that was a good thing too, lol) during that time which lead to doing model horses full time. So things do end up working out!

The last few months I have been working (more like begging) the bank to work something out with me so I could keep my home. Finally the great news came in and they REALLY pulled through for me. I have a newly modified loan with payments I can afford and no past due payments to make up anymore. I am so thrilled it's beyond words. I have 7 days to come up with $1400 that I need to send in with the paperwork. I am off to a good start but need more funds. So you will see lots of sales at cheap prices to raise the bucks.

First to start the "keep the house" sale is a prepped and painted your choice & free shipping on either a Nevada or Chevyo for $300 each. Buy both and get $50 bucks off! I also have another mini Scarlett for $500 (all go within an hour of posting the final horse so jump on it if you want and PICK YOUR COLOR!!!)

That's the latest. Sorry no new photos for you! I will have A LOT of them with the conga line of horses that were almost finished before my trip. Janette Eby if you're on here, yes you're mule if finally on the homestretch! Only details needed at this time, yeah!

Everyone have a great week and more to come soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Resins Complete

Ok I have finally done some catching up and posted a few photos of the new releases! First up is the Appaloosa Ravenhill Revisted. He's the traditional one and the second guest artist piece I was asked to do. I will be shipping him off to Stacey in the next day or two so those interested in purchasing him contact Stacey. Act quick if you want this one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next up is my Region 4 donation for the upcoming show in South Dakota. I painted this donated and prepped mini Scarlett a silver bay sabino. She just glows! Believe me photos do not so her justice.
I gave Storm Serge more details and took out the dark patches that didn't photograph well. I still need to finish up the other side just a bit but this side is all done. He has detail to please even the most picky collectors. I currently own this horse and he is up for sale. I am accepting offers over $1,000.00! He's a bargin at twice that price!!!!! LOVE him!

He already won 1st place in his class before the revamping so believe me he's destined to be a winner! I wish you guys could see him in person. Check out the Yahoo Group where I'll be posting LOTS of photos!

That's the update so far. I am going to be posting another update on Sundance Kid. I had to set him aside the last two weeks to complete some sale and commission horses so I have some bill money. I also had to complete horses for the RMR show and the Region 4 donation. So I am back to work on him the next few days. I had to rework some things on him due to the mold issues but I got it. He has a coat of primer so I can seal up the rest of the pinholes you get from home casts. I have to leave on Thursday to judge the show in South Dakota so I won't finish him till I get back. At the most he should be held up only 2 weeks then he's off to the casters! Once I get the pre release models in hand, I'll open the edition!
So, check out the Yahoo Group for more photos of the above horses! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What am I working on today?

I am getting ready to deliver horses to their owners at Peter's Stone's RMR this weekend. Grand Lake here I come! I can hardly wait. So this busy beaver has been working horse to get the finishing touches on her horses so they can show and go home hopefully with some ribbons.
I figured I'd take a quick shot of what I have done. Starting on the far left is Ocktapussy (heaven knows if I spelled it right). She's a dapple buckskin that had the lower part of her mane removed so she's tack friendly. BIG NOTE to anyone wanting to use her for performance.... she won't fit a saddle unless you re do that part of her mane. I found that out after I painted her.
Behind her (far back) is the Ravenhill I am working on as a guest artist piece for Stacey. He's a wild and wonderful roan Appaloosa and sure to please anyone who is a stickler for detail. I hope to get him off to Stacey next week.
Far right is the latest Stormwatch I have done. He's a dapple rose gray who gets better the closer you look at him. I put a ton of complicated shading and fine detail on this guy. I'll be takig some good photos of him shortly so I can put him up at auction.

Front left is the silver dapple mini Peasant Stomper (long tail version) that I just finished up. Although I was offering him for sale, someone already came forward and he's sold. He's just amazing and sure to please his new owner. I spent a lot of time shading the mane and tail so he has all major root colors blended throughout. Making that fade to white wasn't easy but I finally got the look I wanted. His dapples are really beautiful with 3 different shades well blended all over him. I LOVE this little hunk!

Next to him is JM's bay Tobiano Gypsy Scarlett. She's going to be proxy shown along with some of his others. I think Piper will even be there! It would be great to see one of my all time favorite's there.

To end the list is the mini Ravenhill with his custom mane and tail. He's a palomino Appaloosa and yes he's similar to Hollywood Silver, but only similar. This will probably be the only show he attends since his new owner doesn't show. Wish him luck!

On the bench is an Appie mule I have painter's block on, bay sabino mini Scarlett for the upcoming Region 4 show, the mule medallion guest artist piece, a CM Andalusion (donation paint job), Meta's duo, Xtara (she is taking awhile being a very intricate dapple gray), ......

and I have a rose gray mini Scarlett that will be for sale. She's about 1/3 done.

So I will be away this weekend at Grand Lake Colorado enjoying the show. See some of you there and the rest of ya later! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Book Release

I am so excited to announce Horses With a Mission has just been released. Why you ask? I wrote a story which is published in the book!!!!! It's in chapter 5 and it's called Chevy's Compassion. It's a true and touching story about how he and I bonded and when I nearly had to put him down due to a bad case of West Nile Virus. Here's the link to the book (look on the lower left side of the page for a photo of Chevy and I that's in the book)... .

I also have another story in a prior book called "Angel Horses" which is still available at some bookstores or you can order it from Amazon etc. It has a story of Sundance and Chevy going through hurricane Wilma with me!

I am excited about the new book and already started reading the wonderful stories in it. This is a must have for any horse lover and a great gift!

Email me at if you want to go in on a bulk order. If I get enough people I'll go ahead and do it and sign them before I ship them off to you. Just email directly for details.

Getting Started

Ok I am trying to get this up and running along with updating my very out of date web site. I also am catching up on show donations, the commissions I am behind on, getting ready for a show and getting my master copy of Sundance Kid ready for the master mold. Oh, I have to put 6 months worth of entries into QuickBooks, lol.

Other than that not busy at all.

I'll be trying to use this a like I have been using my Yahoo Group although I will still post announcements there for sales etc.

Heather recently moved back to Florida so I am here by myself now. It is actually good time in a few ways since I have no distractions except the animals. Hopefully I'll be getting things caught up!