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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Sculpture

I have some sneaky peeky photos of Cerridwen (KARE-id-win). She's the current scultpure I am working on. Cerridwen is a Section B Welsh Pony mare. She's inspired by a pony at the barn the kids were hand feeding. She's made to fit the Breyer traditional child rider doll which you can see in the photos. This is my first week of work on her so I'll be giving lots of updates as she gets further along. She's still very raw but this will give you an idea where I am going. So far I just love her and I'm having a blast working on her.Release date should be around the first or second week of November. I'll be doing the pre-orders like Sundance with one big exception. She will be in production really fast since I have it worked out now!

Stay tuned for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well I am finally back in the groove after being one of the lucky guest judges at R4R Champs in South Dakota. Big SHOUT OUT to Hilary and Brian. You guys simply rock, have the world's cutest dogs and most entertaining cats! You guys were great hosts and I can't wait till next time. Keep time open for the stock show where we can yell WiTiFiFi at everyone!

I ended up coming home with a great bit of raffle prices including a wonderful handmade tack chest donated by Carol Johnson and made by Brian. Another prize is an English saddle set donated by Emily McFadden and some nice Poney Pads! And the two mini Scarletts really cleaned up. Yeah!

On the Sundance Kid sculpture update, I have put the last coat of primer on my Artist Proof so he's going to dry a day or two then off to Stacey for production. I will take lots of photos of him in resin for you guys before he ships. Those who have pre orders will be getting horses soon so hang in there!

On a very personal note, many of you know me pretty well and have been in the loop for some time. As you know a year and a half ago I nearly lost my youngest daughter Heather to a car accident. She made it and is finishing school now back in her home state of Florida. That accident lead to a series of events that pretty much meant financial ruin. I am still dealing with the final effects of bankruptcy and starting over from scratch. I lost my accounting job and my signif. other (that was a good thing too, lol) during that time which lead to doing model horses full time. So things do end up working out!

The last few months I have been working (more like begging) the bank to work something out with me so I could keep my home. Finally the great news came in and they REALLY pulled through for me. I have a newly modified loan with payments I can afford and no past due payments to make up anymore. I am so thrilled it's beyond words. I have 7 days to come up with $1400 that I need to send in with the paperwork. I am off to a good start but need more funds. So you will see lots of sales at cheap prices to raise the bucks.

First to start the "keep the house" sale is a prepped and painted your choice & free shipping on either a Nevada or Chevyo for $300 each. Buy both and get $50 bucks off! I also have another mini Scarlett for $500 (all go within an hour of posting the final horse so jump on it if you want and PICK YOUR COLOR!!!)

That's the latest. Sorry no new photos for you! I will have A LOT of them with the conga line of horses that were almost finished before my trip. Janette Eby if you're on here, yes you're mule if finally on the homestretch! Only details needed at this time, yeah!

Everyone have a great week and more to come soon!