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Friday, June 18, 2010

NAN Donation

I have some starter photos of my NAN donation.  She's a regular version of the mini Scarlett by Stacey Tumlinson.  My vision for her is a show ready Belgian mare.  She has her mane neatly combed all on one side and rolled with two colors of ribbon (most likely yellow and green).  Her forelock is smoothed as well as all the feathering on her legs.  So she now has smooth legs with the exception of some slight hairing above the heel. 

I carefully removed all the mane on her offside. I added back in tons of neck wrinkles especially at the base of the mane.  And I did a ton of fine, fine hair detail concentrating on the ends of the mane and detailed roots. 

Her tail is now complete but I haven't taken photos yet.  I braided it then made the braid knot at the end.  It's wrapped with the standard fan ribbon as well.  Lots of details.

Her paint color is Belgian with a slight twist.  After finding several roan Belgian in the typical near white mane and tail with the rich red chestnut color, I couldn't resist.  She will have a deep reddish coat near the topline.  It will fade into a mealy color that goes to near cream on the belly.  Then the whole coat gets roaned.  Her mane and tail will be off white to really bring out the contrast. 

I'll post progress photos here as they come along!  She's a raffle item so one ticket could be the one!  I haven't done any customs like this so you're sure to get a one of a kind. 

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