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Monday, September 16, 2013

Moving proved beyond busy.  So much remodeling to do, fences to build, unpacking, setting up the studio and casting room again, plus getting my personal part of the house in order was a daunting task.  Dealing with that and the leg injury was the real challenge.  It created a lot of problems for sure.

I kept at it and with Charlie's help am getting it all in order.  Hickory, my Quarterhorse mare is almost in resin.  I have blown through a lot of the final backlog and created some new sales pieces.  Here is the latest piece for sale:

I will be super busy the next few weeks trying to clear out the last of the oldies and creating a new resin.  If I can pull it off I want to enter for the NAN cookie contest but time is running out.  I also am working on some cows for performance and some more medals and such for the holidays.

I always try to post when I can but the Paloose Arts Fan Page on Facebook seems to take up most my time.  Make sure you visit if you're on there!  Would love to hear from ya.

More soon when Hickory is further along!

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