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Monday, January 26, 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge Entry

Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Custom Saddlery is putting on this fun contest.

I love this kind of stuff since it gets me out of the work mode and puts me into fun mode.  It always fires up my creativity which, well, certainly gets depleted. 

Here are my entries:

1.  Vintage:  These are from the 60's and 70's all Breyer.  The deer as special, made in the 60's.  They were found with many other sealed in their boxes stored in a barn.  I got them, two fighting stallions and a palomino Western horse.  Stupid me sold all but these.  They're pristine and I love them.

2.  Neekid:  All a blank canvas...
3.  Scale Issues:  She has a lot of issues lol... 
On a side note, the horse in the background is my 1:6th scale portrait of my horse Sundance.  He was my first resin produced for the hobby.  Even though I put up his measurements and mentioned everywhere he was large, I still had people annoyed at his size.  Except tack makers.  I have never made anything else anything but comparable Breyer traditional size 1:9th or close to it.
4.  I See Spots:  I did for months after painting these.
5.  Unbridled Passion:  Uh Hum...

 6.  Rare Breed:  Welsh Section X. 
Rarely, registered/pure bred Welsh (any section) produce an offspring that have color not accepted by the registry.  They do allow a special registration, Section X.  They can then compete in competition but cannot be bred or shown in breed classes.  See Registration for entry in the Section X Register.  For fun Google Welsh Section X and see the crazy colors that turn up. 

 7.  Portrait:  Gunner aka Colonel's Smoking Gun
This photo of him is overexposed but you see the "portrait".  I got to see him in real life in early 2000 and he is a deep dark chestnut.  Best reining performance ever.  Loved this horse. 
8.  Conga:  Brio Conga (Sculpted, cast, prepped and painted all of them but the gray.  Mindy Berg painted him:)
9.  The Great Outdoors:  Chevelle and his Chief.
10.  Best In Show:  This is First Lady.  She is my performance staple and a champ many time over in halter as well.  Even earning a top ten in breed at NAN.  So proud of her.
That concludes my entries.  I had so much fun.  Thanks Jennifer for putting this on!!!

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